Our purchasing conditions

PL-01.02.01 Standard purchasing conditions for Acel audit 01

1. Application

These standard purchasing conditions regulate all sales of goods and services to ACEL, unless otherwise agreed in writing. In addition to the Purchase Act, the following shall apply:

2. Orders / purchase order

Orders from ACEL are only valid when they identify the customer by name and address, and have the order number and project number.

3. Order confirmation

All orders must be confirmed in writing, as soon as possible or no later than 2 days from the order date, but always before delivery to the following email address: ordre@acel.no Confirmations that do not comply with ACEL's purchase conditions must be clearly marked with the changes. ACEL is free to maintain an order subject to changed conditions.
Supplier's standard terms are not accepted.

4. Price

The stated prices of the order are fixed. Unless otherwise stated in the order, the price is to understand exclusive VAT. Only public and agreed fees are accepted. For delivery by invoice or order without price, ACEL reserves the right to demand satisfactory documentation that the invoiced amount is reasonable.

5. Delivery terms

When orders do not specify the delivery conditions, the delivery shall be understood as freely delivered ACEL's delivery address. Which is DDP-Incoterms® 2020. All delivery clauses must be interpreted in accordance with the latest edition of Incoterms. All shipments (order confirmations, packages, invoices, packing slips, etc.) must be marked easily visible with the order number, project number and the orderer's name and address. Shipments that are not satisfactorily marked may be returned at the supplier's expense.

6. Delivery

A delivery is not considered completed until all necessary documentation is available from the specified recipient. If it is necessary to meet the delivery deadline, the supplier must use the fastest possible mode of transport, and pay any additional costs. Delivery before the specified delivery time can be rejected at no cost to ACEL. The seller pays the conventional fine which is 2% of the total payment for the delivery per. week the delay lasts, max. 20% of the total.

7. Liability for indirect losses

ACEL reserves the right, before taking over, to carry out the examinations and tests that are considered desirable to check that the delivery is in accordance with the order. The supplier is obliged to assist with such control. Any inspection certificates must accompany the delivery.

If ACEL takes over the delivery after inspection, it does not release the supplier from the full responsibility for the delivery's contractual execution. ACEL has the right to be reimbursed by the supplier for costs relating to the return of deliveries that do not meet the requirements in specifications, stated in / referred to in the order or entered into an agreement.

9. Warranty

All warranty repairs are performed by ACEL (or ACEL's customer) and at no cost to ACEL (or customer).

10. Payment terms and invoicing

Invoice and packing slip shall only relate to one order number. If the delivery is in accordance with the order, payment will normally be made within 30 days after the end of the invoicing month. The payment deadline runs from the invoice date, but is submitted to the delivery date when the invoice date is set before delivery. In the event of early delivery, the payment deadline is calculated from the agreed delivery time. An invoice must be issued when the item is sent and sent to ACEL to the following email address: faktura.acel@acel.no Invoices that do not match the order will be returned.

11. Quality - progress monitoring

ACEL - our customer or one of these authorized, reserves the right to inspect regarding quality and / or progress follow-up with the supplier or his subcontractor.

12. Laws and Disputes

Norwegian law shall apply. Disputes that may arise in connection with ACEL's order must be resolved by negotiation. If the negotiation does not proceed, the dispute shall be resolved by arbitration in accordance with the Civil Procedure Act of 1915, Chapter 32. The venue is located in Norway, where the purchasing ACEL company is located. The fact that a dispute has been brought to a decision by arbitration does not release the parties from fulfilling their obligations under the agreement.