Commercial buildings,
Industry & Housing

ACEL is an electrical contractor with expertise in the entire range of electrical services. Our vision is to be an environmentally conscious, cost-effective and a reliable provider of electrical services.

Commercial & industrial buildings

The ACEL Group is one of the region's largest electrical contractors with 120 employees who together have expertise in the entire range of electrical services. Our vision is to be an environmentally conscious, cost-effective and consistently reliable provider of electrical services.

ACEL installation serves the landbased market with all types of high- and low-current installations, as well as electrical services for commercial buildings, public buildings and industrial facilities.

Our employees have extensive experience in the industry, know the market well, and know what is needed to make you a happy customer. We are professionals and deliver high-quality systems according to the customer's wishes.

We deliver complete energy-saving automation- and control solutions, providing you with economical builds and services that meet your needs. We also offer complete automation systems with PLC control and SD systems for the industry.

Downtime, errors and omissions cost money. A fixed service agreement with ACEL will ensure maximum operational reliability and profitability at each individual plant. The service agreement may also include internal controls and other important tasks that the building's owner is assigned by the authorities.

We provide our customers with personal service and follow-up.

Private housing

Service and maintenance, improvement of inspection reports, rehabilitation, renovation, extensions and upgrades, a new kitchen or garage? Contact us now and we will help you!

At ACEL, our skilled electricians are available to provide services in modern homes. And of course, we do everything with power!

We help you from the planning phase to being move-in ready – with solutions tailored to your needs and wishes.

  • Cut your electricity bill - Switch to LED lighting!
  • Did you know that fluorescent and halogen light sources will be banned from September 2023 (RoHS Directive)?
  • Electrical inspection - gives you peace of mind and can reduce your insurance premium from your insurer
  • Electric car charging
  • Smart homes and energy savings. With ever-increasing electricity prices, it pays to take control of your consumption!
  • Upgrading of fuse boxes
  • Service and rehabilitation
  • ...and much more!

Switchboard workshop

ACEL develops and delivers high-quality electrical system solutions for marine and landbased plants. 

At ACEL's switchboard workshop we design, build and deliver switchboards for all facilities, from main switchboards in commercial buildings to electrical panels in your home.

  • ‍Main switchboards, distribution boards and automation solutions
  • Tailored to your needs


At ACEL, we offer both regular services for your home and a NELFO- approved electrical safety check.

An electrical safety check is a check of the entire electrical system in your private home.

As a homeowner, it is your legal responsibility to ensure that the electrical system complies with norms and regulations. An electrical safety check is recommended every 5 years.

An electrical safety check at ACEL includes:

  • Fuse box check
  • Fire alarm check
  • Information on fire prevention
  • Report containing issues that require attention

Contact us now to get a flat rate price for an electrical safety check of your home.