Marine systems
& installation

ACEL has developed technical and professional competency in the installation, conversion and service of onboard electrical systems. We specialize in offshore service vessels of all types. This is the cornerstone of ACEL, and we have extensive experience from several new builds and many major rebuilds.

New builds and Installations

ACEL has built up a strong technical expertise in electrical installation in ships. This is the cornerstone of ACEL, and we have extensive experience from a number of newbuildings. Our installation assignments on newbuildings are mainly carried out at local shipyards.

Our list of references includes turnkey contracts for more than 60 new ships, including some of the most advanced diesel-electric ships built in Norway.

Today, ACEL is a highly competent supplier of system solutions and electrical and automation deliveries. Quality, knowledge, skilled employees and reliable deliveries have made us a preferred supplier.

ACEL is represented in Lithuania through our sister company ACEL BALTIC. This company has established a branch office for electrical installation at the Western Shipyard in Klaipeda, Lithuania.

Engineering and projects

The engineering department's main task is to prepare full documentation for shipyards, shipping companies, class companies and authorities, as well as for internal use.

We have many years of experience in the engineering of complete ship services, with an emphasis on advanced diesel-electric and conventional systems for offshore vessels, fishing vessels and ferries. The tasks mainly consist of the following:

  • Project management
  • Design of power stations and propulsion plants
  • Design of automation and power management systems
  • ‍Design of other electrical systems
  • ‍Preparation of necessary analyses
  • ‍Preparation of required foundations for the construction of switchboards, control panels, starters, etc.
  • ‍Case processing with other shipyards, shipping companies, classes and authorities
  • Case processing with other suppliers
  • Participation in FAT, HAT and SAT tests

Marine services

ACEL performs large and small service assignments locally, nationally and internationally. This includes conversions, upgrades, repairs of electrical systems and delivery of spare parts and electrical equipment.

We offer service agreements to shipping companies, which include technical support, labour, materials, supervision, commissions, and delivery of equipment.

We service ships and rigs in operation. These assignments are increasingly performed by service personnel with approved safety courses while the ship/rig is in operation, which provides major cost savings for the client.

ACEL also works on new builds where the shipping companies have separate deliveries in addition to the yard's delivery, like topside equipment on offshore vessels.

We carry out upgrades, conversions and classifications of vessels all over the world. Our expertise in marine electro means that we are sought after for complicated assignments often performed under time pressure.

Switchboard workshop

ACEL develops and delivers high-quality electrical system solutions for marine and landbased facilities. The ACEL switchboard workshop builds and delivers the following:
  • ‍Main switchboards
  • Distribution boards
  • Engine starters
  • Controls and control cabinets
  • Bridge solutions
  • Servo units
  • EX equipment
  • Automation solutions
  • Special solutions according to the customers' needs